Legal, employment and fiscal advice

Delaguía & Luzón’s is committed to offering a high quality service, aimed at satisfying the needs of our clients and we always accomplish this through proximity because from our wide experience, we know that our clients deserve to receive a service adapted to their reality. Honesty and thorough work are the values we apply to all we do. We are a flexible office that takes pride in its availability meaning we can reply quickly and professionally.

Our international experience means we can offer our advice to many companies and people in need of our services in Spain. We offer comprehensive advice, guiding our clients through any legal and financial process they require.

Our large team is made up of professionals who are highly qualified in taxation, labour and legal issues.



Gonzalo Gómez-Luzón

Félix de la Guía

Sonia Gómez-Luzón

Manuel Serra

Bea Peña

Bea Pérez Tabernero

Pilar Torres

Santiago Valle

Cristina Moreno

Marta Asensio

Cristina García

Carolina Berlanga

Cayetano Obiang

Estelle Desmaris

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