How do you find a good gestor (accountant) in Spain?

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Accounting services in Spain

Making a call to an accountant is not commonplace among many people, however the help they bring when it comes to managing your funds is invaluable. This is especially true when you are in a foreign country, like Spain.

As a matter of fact, taxation laws differ from one area or state to the next, which makes it even more important to find an accountant who speaks your language, in order to make everything as clear as possible.

Think about it this way: you have just inherited a property in Spain and you have no idea how to manage all the expenses that come with it. The same applies if you want to make a real estate investment in Spain, or in any sector for that matter.

If you are already an established professional, or are considering establishing yourself in Spain, you will need the help of an accountant to help get your business or company up and running, or possibly for opening another branch of your company on Spanish spoil, or even starting a career as a freelancer.

Usually when an individual or a professional hire an accountant, it’s because they don’t have the necessary expertise in that sector, and don’t have the time to learn.

Therefore, it is always easier to have an expert in that specific sector manage what you don’t know, to save you from the exhausting task of trying to understand it, and eliminate the risk of rookie errors.

Fraud is also a significant problem when it comes to real estate investments. Relying on the services of an accountant will avoid this inconvenience.

How do you recognise a good accountant?

If you were to make a list of criteria that a good professional meets, you would surely start with their qualifications. The first thing you would look for in a good accountant is that they have graduated from accounting school. Most accounting degrees in Spain take four years, in some cases even five. It’s a relatively long degree, equivalent to a master’s in France, or a senior management position.

So as you can tell, accounting graduates are typically extremely driven and organized people in all areas of their work.

Qualifications and experience

The training for this profession in Spain is usually specialized in a specific sector, for example international business accounting, restaurant or food related accounting, etc. This means that many accountants don’t follow a standard accounting degree. This often comes from professionals who undertake specialized re-training in a specific sector. This however, does not mean that they are less qualified than others.

The second thing you would look for in a good accountant is experience on the job, which is undoubtedly the most important thing. The more companies and clients they have worked for, the better they will know the skills needed to perform their job, and are better prepared to deal with all eventualities. It really is no secret; experience is the most valuable tool for any good professional.

Professionalism and reviews

It’s necessary that an accountant has high standards of professionalism: they must always be available for their clients, always respond within a reasonable timeframe (as nobody wants to wait ages for a response, especially when it concerns important matters such as property investments or your new business), and they also must be polite and courteous.

You should always take into account the reviews and advice of other clients when searching for the most suitable accountant for your situation. These reviews usually give a good indication of the level of professionalism of that accountant. Make sure to be aware that some reviews can be automated or even written by the accountant themselves.

Choosing the right accountant

And lastly, always ensure that the accountant you invest in is the most suitable option for your situation. If you are planning to move to Spain, it’s always better if you rely on the services of an accountant specialized in areas linked to relocating or investments from France to Spain.

The ideal accountant is someone who speaks your native language, but also the language of the country you want to settle in.

These criteria along with many others are just some of the qualities the accountants in our firm possess when it comes to legal and tax advising, as our team are all French and Spanish speaking.

Finding an accountant in Spain

To find a specialized accountant in Spain for your particular situation, it is recommended to consult online directories, which enable you to filter your search by town. This is very beneficial if you are wanting to find accounting services close to your home.

You can also simply search the words “accountant” or “advisor” in Spanish in Google Maps, which will show you any professionals or firms in proximity to your location.

Another way to find the best accountant, but perhaps a slower method is to ask around for recommendations from people you trust. It’s likely that your friends or colleagues have made use of accounting services in the past, so it can be useful to base your decision on their experiences. Even if you don’t know anyone in Spain yet, don’t panic!

You can always join social media groups where you can find recommendations on different firms in your area.

Our team of specialized lawyers and accountants will be happy to help you with anything concerning your accounting in Spain.

Contact us today with any questions or if you need any additional information.

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