Legal aspects for renting in Valencia

When looking for a home to rent in Valencia, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of the local market to facilitate in the process. In this article we will share what are the main characteristics that you should take into account.

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Rental demand on the rise

The rental market in Valencia has experienced a notable increase in demand in recent years. Apartments with a good value for price tend to book up quickly, sometimes even the same day that they go onto the market. Therefore, it is important to act quickly to be able to visit them.

Popular neighbourhoods in Valencia to rent in

The demand for rentals in Valencia is not limited only to the city centre. Neighbourhoods such as Camapanar , Ruzafa , El Pla del Real , Benimaclet and La Saïdia are also very popular with local residents and expats. This increase in demand has caused a rise in rental prices, making it extremely difficult to find a home that's in good condition for less than 700 euros per month.

While living in the centre of Valencia can be tempting, especially for those who enjoy urban life and the proximity to shops, restaurants and attractions, it is also worth considering options outside the centre such as Malvarrosa , Cabanyal-Canyamelar or Poblats Marítims , which offer an excellent quality of life near the beach. In addition, these neighbourhoods are well connected to the centre thanks to public transport.

Facilitating the search process

Remote renting

The process of finding a home in Valencia can be long and complicated, especially due to the low supply and high demand in the rental market. For this reason, exploring remote rental options is presented as an alternative.

This modality involves carrying out all the necessary procedures before physically arriving to Valencia, including virtual visits, submission of applications and signing of contracts.

Furthermore, renting remotely allows you to secure a home before arriving in Valencia, which gives you peace of mind and avoids setbacks. On the other hand, virtual tours simplify the housing search, allowing you to explore properties from home and sign rental contracts 100% online .

In some cases, they may require advance payment of several month’s worth of rent, or even up to 1 year, especially to guarantee the solvency of the tenant and the financial security of the landlord.

Companies like Delaguia & Luzon facilitate all legal procedures to make this process efficient and safe. In addition, Delaguia & Luzon can provide you with advice on your rights as a tenant, ensuring that you understand all the clauses and obligations included in the rental contract. If any discrepancy or problem arises during the rental process, you will have the support of specialised lawyers who will guide you and defend your interests.

Necessary documents

  • DNI : The National Identity Document (DNI) is essential to formalise a rental contract in Valencia. This document proves the identity of the tenant and is required by the owner at the time of signing the contract.
  • Foreigner Identification Number (NIE): the NIE is a fundamental document for any foreigner who wants to reside or work legally in Spain.
  • An employment contract or educational certificate: it is important to demonstrate sufficient income to pay the rent. This can be achieved through an employment contract sealed and signed by the company, or a study certificate if you are a student.
  • References from other rentals – Some landlords may request positive references from previous rentals as additional assurance.
  • Deposit: the deposit when renting a home in Valencia is mandatory and is equivalent to one month’s rent (it is mandatory to make the deposit with the Generalitat Valenciana).
  • Additional Collateral – In some cases, additional collateral may be required to cover conflicting situations such as non-payments or property damage.
  • Guarantee: bank or personal guarantees can be considered as additional security measures for the owner.
  • Spanish bank account: It is advisable to have a bank account in Spain to make payments related to rent and supplies.
These documents are essential to prove the identity and legal status of the tenant, as well as to ensure compliance with contractual obligations. Delaguia & Luzon offers document processing services, including obtaining the NIE or other documents necessary to rent a home in Valencia, thus facilitating the process and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Language barriers

If you do not speak Spanish, it is recommended that you be accompanied by an interpreter or an advisor during the visits and review of the rental contract to avoid misunderstandings. All conditions must be clearly specified in the contract to avoid legal problems in the future.

For those who do not speak the language, hiring an interpreter can be a practical solution, as they can instantly translate all the conditions of the contract and ensure that the tenant fully understands their rights and responsibilities before signing.

Additionally, some renters choose to obtain a translated version of the rental agreement before signing, allowing them to carefully review all terms and conditions in their native language before committing. This extra precaution can provide greater peace of mind and prevent potential problems in the future.

Requirements to rent an apartment being self-employed

Renting a home as a freelancer can be complicated due to the lack of a traditional payroll, a requirement that many owners consider essential to formalise a rental contract. This situation is aggravated by the increase in delinquencies in times of economic crisis. Although the law does not require a payroll to rent, many owners request it as a guarantee of solvency.

Among the documents that are commonly requested from self-employed people to rent an apartment are:

  • Copy of the last Income Tax return for the current year.
  • Copy of the last quarterly VAT declaration (Form 303).
  • Copy of personal income tax (Form 130).
  • Proof of payment of the self-employed fee.
  • Registration in the RETA (General Regime for Self-Employed Workers).

In addition to these documents, the landlord may require a bank guarantee, especially if the tenant cannot provide proof of a monthly salary or contract rent protection insurance that guarantees payment of the rent in case of non-payment by the tenant.

Consulting services in Valencia

To facilitate the rental process, companies such as Delaguia & Luzon offer complete advisory services on tenant rights and all legal aspects related to the rental contract. This ensures that tenants understand all clauses and obligations before signing.

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