Corporate social management

We manage labor procedures and working life of employees

Whether you are an owner, co-owner or tenant, Delaguía&Luzón can advise you and help you find the best solutions.

There are many administrative procedures involved in the purchase of a property, as well as its management, and our office can help you to be calm and comply with the law, thus guaranteeing the durability and viability of your real estate project.


From the labor department of Delaguía&Luzón, we assist companies in managing their labor processes and the daily working lives of their employees. Our responsibilities range from managing the hiring process to preparing payroll.

Additionally, we coordinate with insurance companies in handling workplace accidents and temporary disability claims.

Another aspect of our work involves preparing and filing taxes, such as Model 111 and Model 190.

We also help self-employed entrepreneurs with their personal social management, including enrolling in the Spanish Social Security system and managing Social Security contributions, among other tasks.

an ideal location
Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona, so choosing this city for a real estate investment is a strategic choice. Both for its tourist attractions and for its architecture. Así que es una oportunidad no sólo para alquilar, sino también para comprar como segunda residencia.

Legal compliance:
At Delaguía&Luzón we put at your disposal our experienced lawyers and legal advisers, whether you are looking for foreign investment in Spain, Spanish investment abroad or local in Spain.

Real estate acquisitions are carried out in compliance with the current legislation on urban planning contracts and taxation. It is also our responsibility to anticipate any problems that may arise.

Therefore we advise you on the following procedures prior to the acquisition:

  • Reports on the legal situation prior to the purchase of real estate in Spain
  • Information on urban conformity prior to investment
  • Assistance and advice in notarial and administrative procedures, as well as in all matters relating to tax clearance
  • Declaration of non-resident (model 210) and advice on fees and taxes from various bodies: City Council, AEAT (State Tax Administration Agency), SUMA (Regional Tax Administration Agency)
  • Verification of activity licences and construction of land and buildings
  • Drafting of private sale and deposit contracts

This list is not exhaustive, and we adapt the legal checks and procedures to your property and your personal situation.

Anticipate the possible problems:
Our work is based on adaptability, whether problems are unpredictable or predictable.

Thus, during the 2020 pandemic, we were able to deal very quickly with the problem of applying the “rebus sic stantibus” clause to leases in an exceptional context.

Likewise, we can confirm that the foreseeable problems posed by a real estate project are already being taken into consideration by our team. They will be dealt with as quickly as unforeseen problems.

From the formation of leases to litigation:
If you plan to rent your property, it is important to know that, contrary to what is believed, it is not legally easy to draft such a contract.

Its drafting requires technical expertise, both in terms of law enforcement and judicial interpretation. Thanks to a career of more than 25 years, each of our lawyers has enough experience to deal with misinterpretations or abuses by the judge or the other party.

The services we offer are designed to provide comprehensive support, from A to Z.

After purchasing a property, we offer the following services:

  • Drafting of leases for residential or commercial premises.
  • Advice on lease contracts, legal advice and dispute resolution between landlord and tenant at the time of termination of the lease.
  • Attendance at meetings of co-owners and neighbors.
  • Legal advice on boundary conflicts (property boundaries), easements, electricity, water, usufruct, community and property conflicts, co-ownership, etc


  • Preparation of payrolls, bonus payments, contracts, and their submission through contrat@, terminations, settlement certificates, and their submission through certificad@s.
  • High, low and variations of employees in general regime, RETA, domestic employees in the TGSS.
  • Annotations of real days of agricultural regime in the TGSS.
  • Communications and maternity/paternity benefits of employees in General Regime and RETA in INSS.
  • Partial and ordinary retirements from both schemes in the INSS.
  • Implementation of models 111 monthly and quarterly, model 216 quarterly and annual 190 and 296 and their communication in the AEAT.
  • Implementation of conventions and arrears.
  • Monthly Social Insurance in SILTR@.
  • CRA files in SILTR@.
  • Application of embargoes and their response in the different administrations (Courts, Treasury and TGSS).
  • IT and AT communications on the TGSS.
  • Communicate AT parts in delt@.
  • Take out CCC to start-ups.
  • Create new companies in the different programs.
  • Make grants of contracts in different portals.
  • Attend to customers’ emails and advise them as much as possible.

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