Event in Valencia on Feb 7: Digital Nomads, advantages and benefits in the legal and tax areas

We invite you to our next event in Valencia
on Feb 7 at 19:00 Valencia has been named one of the top destinations to live in 2022, along with other Spanish cities.
But what are the real possibilities offered by Spain as a destination for Digital nomads?

In this conference, we are to comment on the main issues and benefits of Law 28 of 21 December 2022 on promoting an ecosystem for startup businesses has brought with it a long-awaited change – the creation of the Visa for international Remote Workers, popularly known as Digital Nomads.

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Some topics we will unveil include:
– Visa and Residency for International Remote Workers
– Who is eligible for this visa?
– What does “remote work or professional activity” mean in this context?
– What types of studies need to be accredited and how?
– What requirements must be met?
– What other documents must be provided?
– How long does the visa last?
– How long will the International Remote Work Residency last?
– When will the forms and instructions be available
– Tax implications for Nomad workers.

A summary of advantages and benefits for digital nomads, with tips on how to take advantage of the most favorable current legislation.

Speaker: Felix de la Guía Muñoz, Director at Delaguia&Luzon, MBA 2007 alumnus

After the event, we will go for a drink in a nearby bar.
Students and alumni from all IE programs are welcome to this event.

See you there!
IE Valencia Club

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