Financial services

Services include expert accountants and registered tax consultants. Our team of professionals offers complete coverage in matters of taxation offering a fiscal advice service covering any of the procedures for meeting your fiscal obligations in Spain.
Delaguía & Luzón is the partner of Hans & Associes, the influential French fiscal advice company, meaning we can offer comprehensive advice on the financial obligations of our clients both in France and Spain.

We offer the following services, in particular:

1 – Establishment and creation of new companies in Spain

  • Prior analysis of the company’s legal structure and a fiscal study of the partners
  • Execution of accounting and fiscal planning studies, at national and at international level
  • Tax representation for non-residents in Spain
  • Assistance in obtaining licences, certifications and registration in the Registry of Accredited Businesses (REA)
  • Registration as self-employed with the tax authority and social security.

2 – Keeping of accounting records and fiscal obligations

  • Preparation of form 200 – annual Corporation Tax declaration. Form 202 – declaration in installments
  • Form 347 – annual information return on transactions with third parties
  • Form 303 – VAT, self-assessment as well as VAT, annual summary tax return (form 390)
  • Preparation of form 349 – the quarterly declaration on information return, recapitulatory return of intracommunity transactions
  • Preparation of form 115 – the quarterly declaration on withholdings and payment on account, income or yields from the leasing or sub-letting of urban buildings. Form 180 – annual summary.
  • Keeping of accounting records


3 – Labour advice and management

  • Preparation of payslips, bonuses and contribution slips
  • Registration, deregistration and changes in workers’ data with social security.
  • Management of sick leave and preparation of workplace accident reports
  • Study, drafting and formalisation of work and renewal contracts, and their delivery to the employment office
  • Preparation of form 111 on withholdings and payment on account and form 190, the annual summary
  • Issuing proof of income for workers and employers
  • Issuing proof of meeting social security requirements
  • Communication of contract expiration and preparation of severance pay
  • List of monthly wage bills
  • Legal assistance with labour inspections
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