Grant for the indefinite hiring of women aged 45 and over on a full-time basis in Valencia 

Programme III Subvenció Emplea Dona Plus 2023 (Women aged 45 and over)

Application deadline: from 22/03/2023 to 11/04/2023 both inclusive.

To promote stable, quality employment, financial aid is established to encourage the formalisation of full-time, open-ended employment contracts for an indefinite period of time through initial hiring or through the transformation of pre-existing employment contracts into full-time, open-ended contracts for women aged 45 or over, carried out between 24 March 2022 and 11 April 2023 (deadline for submitting applications).

A fixed amount of €3,000 will be granted to applications that meet the requirements of this call, increased by €500 exclusively for one of these concepts:

  • When the woman aged 45 or over can accredit a degree of functional diversity of at least 33%,
  • When the woman aged 45 or over is an unemployed person registered as a job seeker for 360 days in the 540 days (18 months) immediately prior to the date of the contract, 

This grant will be compatible with any other subsidy granted by any other entity or institution, as well as those granted by the City Council of Valencia in 2023, with the exception of the Emplea 2023 Programme.

For hiring women under 45 years of age, there is another specific programme called “Emplea“. The Emplea and Emplea Mujer Plus programmes are incompatible with each other. Only one of them can be applied for. In the case of submitting an application for both programmes, the application of a later date and time will be automatically rejected.


– It will only be possible to apply for a grant for a maximum of one recruitment per person or company applying

In the event of submitting more applications, only the first application submitted will be taken into account according to the date and time of receipt at the Town Council’s Registry of Entry.

– The beneficiary persons and entities must maintain the subsidised contract for at least 12 months from the day after the publication of the agreement granting the subsidy.

– The premises where the activity is carried out must be located in the municipality of Valencia. 

If there are no premises for carrying out the activity, the tax domicile must be in the municipality of Valencia.

– The time of contracting is between 24 March 2022 and 11 April 2023.

The person hired must be a woman aged 45 or over at the time of hiring.

In the case of initial hiring, the person hired must be unemployed, i.e. not be registered in any Social Security scheme on the day prior to hiring.

The following are not eligible:

– Hiring carried out under the protection of a special employment relationship, as referred to in art. 2.1 of the Revised Text of the Workers’ Statute Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 2/2015 of 23 October.

– The fixed-discontinuous contract for an indefinite period of time.

– Extensions to the working day of indefinite part-time contracts.


Applications must be submitted in two stages:

The first step consists of completing a pre-registration form on the website.

The second step consists of submitting the standard application form online only.

The application form must be filled in and signed after clicking on the “Start procedure” button and the documentation indicated must be attached.

In all cases, the following must be provided:

– Pre-registration form.

– Updated Census Status Certificate of the applicant person or entity indicating the economic activity, with the date of registration, the tax address and, if applicable, the premises where the activity is carried out (not the 036 and 037 forms).

– Report from the Social Security Treasury on the average number of workers employed by the applicant person or entity in the period between 1 April 2022 and 1 March 2023.

– If applicable, in the case of a civil partnership, community of goods or other economic entities without legal personality, the contract of incorporation duly registered with the PROP.

– If applicable, in case the contractor is a legal entity, the deed of incorporation and the updated statutes of the legal entity, registered in the corresponding Register.

– Certificate of ownership of the bank account of the person or entity applying for the subsidy. This account must belong to the person or company applying for the subsidy and be issued in 2023.

– If applicable, only in the case of not having an electronic signature and acting through a representative, form relating to representation and DNI, NIF or NIE in force of the applicant or administrator of the entity carrying out the recruitment. 

– NIF or NIE and valid passport of the person hired.

– Initial employment contract or transformation of a previous employment contract, signed by the parties, of an indefinite full-time nature, which gives rise to the aid.

– Proof of notification to the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) of the initial employment contract or the transformation of a previous employment contract into a full-time permanent contract.

– Appendix “Data and Authorisation to consult the employment history of the person hired”, signed by the person hired to authorise the managing service to consult their employment history. In the event of not authorising or opposing the verification by the managing body, the following must be provided as obligatory.

– If applicable, certificate of periods of registration, in the case of having been registered as a job seeker for 360 days in the 540 days (18 months) immediately prior to the date of registration in the RETA (long-term unemployed person), issued by LABORA.

– If applicable, certificate accrediting the degree of functional diversity of the person hired of at least 33%.

Please contact us if you would like us to help you with your Emplea Dona Plus grant application or represent you in this process!

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