Lawyer for foreigners in Valencia

Do you want to start a procedure to obtain a residence permit, or apply for Spanish nationality or family reunification?

In Delaguía&Luzón we have acquired a real experience in the field of foreigners that allows us to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our foreign customers, their employees and their families, when they want to settle in Spain.

This experience applies to both EU citizens and third-country nationals wishing to settle in Spain.

We can also help you to carry out the necessary procedures to obtain Spanish nationality by residence, if, in addition to settling in Spain, you have decided to adopt the nationality of the country.

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Delaguía&Luzón has an important advantage when preparing its files, since it is one of the few law firms in Spain that has signed the collaboration agreement between the Bar Association and the Government of Spain for the electronic processing of immigration and nationality files.

Procedures that we process as foreign lawyers in Valencia

  • Community resident certificate EX18
  • Community resident family card EX19
  • Non-renewal residence permit EX01
  • Family reunification EX02
  • Residence permit for exceptional circumstances (social attachment EX10)
  • Residence of investors law 14/2013 international mobility
  • Do not hesitate to contact Manuel Serra if you have any questions.

Doubts about the right of foreigners in Spain

The right of aliens in Spain is a branch of law that regulates the legal situation of persons who do not possess Spanish nationality but wish to reside, work, study or engage in any activity in Spanish territory. This field of law covers a wide range of legal aspects related to the entry, stay, residence, work, asylum, refuge and expulsion of aliens in the country.

The laws on foreigners in Spain establish the requirements, procedures and rights that must follow both foreigners who wish to enter the country and those who are already in Spanish territory. These requirements may vary depending on the specific situation of each person, their country of origin, the purpose of their stay, among other factors.

  1. Visas and residence permits: Defines the types of visas and residence permits available to foreigners who wish to live in Spain for a certain period or permanently.

  2. Labor and employment: Regulates the hiring and employment of foreign workers in Spain, including the requirements for obtaining work permits and working conditions.

  3. Family reunification: It establishes the conditions and procedures for an alien resident in Spain to apply for family reunification, that is, to bring his immediate family members (spouse, minor children, etc.) to reside with him in Spanish territory.

  4. Asylum and Refuge: Defines the rights and procedures to request asylum or refuge in Spain by people fleeing political persecution, armed conflict or other situations of risk in their countries of origin.

  5. Expulsion and voluntary return: Establishes the circumstances in which an alien may be expelled from Spain and the procedures for carrying out such expulsion. It also provides for the possibility of voluntary return for foreigners wishing to return to their countries of origin.

In Delaguía&Luzón we can help you to carry out all your procedures related to the right of aliens so you can get your residence or work permit. Either you get family reunification or your asylum or refugee visa.