Immigration services

At Delaguía-Luzón we have accumulated substantial experience in meeting the needs of our foreign clients, their employees, and their family when investing or finding work in Spain.

This experience covers citizens from within and outside the EU who wish to make Spain their home. It even covers obtaining Spanish nationality due to residence for those who, alongside settling, have decided to take Spanish nationality.

The lawyers of Delaguía-Luzón are registered with the public-private partnership drawn up between the Spanish Legal Association and the Spanish government for processing immigration and nationality documentation online.

Therefore, using a cryptographic signature, we can start application and renewal documents for residency and work permits for most Spanish provinces without our clients needing to visit the immigration office until fingerprints need to be taken.

The most common procedures that our office handles:

  • EX18 Residency Application Form
  • EX19 Form for Residence for non-EU Families of EU citizens
  • EX01 Non-lucrative residence visa
  • EX02 Family reunification
  • EX10 Residency permit due to exceptional circumstances (social ties)
  • International Mobility Law 14/2013 on residence of the investor