Law of succession and inheritance

1 – Advice and preparation of wills and testaments and agreements as to succession

  • Drafting wills and testaments in line with international inheritance law
  • Coordination of wills and testaments with other countries
  • Legal advice on notarial signatures
  • Legal advice between heirs

2 – Legal and financial advice on inheritance and donations:

  • Setting out limits of property and debts that make up the assets belonging to the estate
  • Fiscal optimisation in line with the proposed objective. Fiscal quantification of viable solutions and selection of the best fiscal and legal option.
  • Quantification and valuation of any property (working with recognised assessors) that makes up the assets belonging to the estate of each referenced heir
  • Quantification of the beneficiary share for each heir
  • Analysis and study of the applicable fiscal benefits
  • Drafting the transactional legal agreement that optimises taxation of the transaction, while always guaranteeing properties’ access to the Land Register
  • Drafting of heirs’ partition papers
  • Study and analysis of the transaction’s potential fiscal implications for the purpose of other taxes. Optimising the fiscal situation, not only for the purpose of inheritance tax but also other forms of tax such as income tax (IRPF) or non-resident taxation.
  • Settlement and preparation of taxes arising from signed deeds. Completion of forms 650/600 to present to the local or national fiscal authority.
  • Presentation to the Land Register for the purposes of registering real estate.
  • Presentation of documentation to the town hall(s) for calculating capital gains arising from the referenced heirs

3 – Legal action as representatives in Spain before civil and fiscal authorities

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