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From acquisition to management, Delaguía&Luzón is here to assist you. Whether you are an owner, co-owner, or tenant, our firm can offer counsel and help you discover the best solutions.

There are numerous administrative procedures involved in property acquisition and management, and our firm can assist you in navigating them, ensuring compliance with the law and thus securing the long-term sustainability of your real estate project

Property Acquisition

Real estate acquisitions are carried out in compliance with the current legislation on urban planning contracts and taxation. It is also our responsibility to anticipate any problems that may arise. Our team will advise you both before the purchase and in the formation of contracts or other arrangements while or after the purchase.

Selecting the Ideal Location
Valencia, being the third-largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, presents a strategic choice for real estate investments. It offers not only rental opportunities but also options for purchasing second homes.

Legal Compliance:
At Delaguía&Luzón, we provide you with our experienced lawyers and legal advisors, whether you are seeking foreign investment in Spain, Spanish investments abroad, or local real estate. Real estate acquisitions are carried out in accordance with prevailing legislation on urban contracts and taxation. It is also our responsibility to anticipate any potential issues that may arise.

Therefore, we offer guidance in the following pre-acquisition procedures:

  • Reports on the legal status prior to the purchase of properties in Spain
  • Information on urban conformity prior to investment
  • Assistance and advice in notarial and administrative procedures, as well as all matters related to tax settlement
  • Non-resident declaration (model 210) and guidance on fees and taxes from various entities: City Hall, AEAT (State Tax Administration Agency), SUMA (Regional Tax Administration Agency)
  • Verification of activity and construction licenses for land and buildings
  • Drafting of private sale and purchase contracts

This list is not exhaustive, and we tailor legal checks and procedures to your property and personal situation.

Anticipating Potential Issues:
Our work is grounded in adaptability, whether problems arise unexpectedly or are foreseeable.

Thus, during the 2020 pandemic, we were able to promptly address the application of the “rebus sic stantibus” clause to lease agreements in an exceptional context.

Likewise, we can affirm that foreseeable issues posed by a real estate project are already being considered by our team. They will be handled with the same expediency as unforeseen problems.

From lease contract formation to litigation::

If you intend to lease your property, it is important to note that, contrary to popular belief, drafting such a contract is legally intricate.

Its composition requires technical knowledge, both in terms of legal compliance and judicial interpretation. With over 25 years of experience, each of our attorneys possesses sufficient expertise to address misinterpretations or abuses by the judge or the other party.

The services we offer are designed to provide comprehensive support from A to Z.

Following property acquisition, we offer the following services:

  • Drafting lease contracts for residential or commercial properties.
  • Advice on lease agreements, legal counsel, and conflict resolution between landlords and tenants at the time of lease termination.
  • Assistance in co-ownership and neighbors’ meetings.
  • Legal counsel in boundary disputes (property limits), easements, electricity, water supply, usufruct, community and property conflicts, co-ownership, etc.


compra propiedad

Una ubicación idónea
Valencia es la tercera ciudad más grande de España, después de Madrid y Barcelona, por lo que elegir esta ciudad para una inversión inmobiliaria es una elección estratégica. Tanto por sus atractivos turísticos como por su arquitectura. Así que es una oportunidad no sólo para alquilar, sino también para comprar como segunda residencia.

Cumplimiento legal:
En Delaguía&Luzón ponemos a su disposición nuestros experimentados abogados y asesores jurídicos, tanto si busca inversión extranjera en España, inversión española en el extranjero o locales en España.

Las adquisiciones inmobiliarias se realizan respetando la legislación vigente en materia de contratos urbanísticos y fiscalidad. También es nuestra responsabilidad anticiparnos a cualquier problema que pueda surgir.

Por ello le asesoramos en los siguientes trámites previos a la adquisición:

  • Informes sobre la situación jurídica previa a la compra de inmuebles en España
  • Información sobre conformidad urbanística previa a la inversión
  • Asistencia y asesoramiento en trámites notariales y administrativos, así como en todo lo relativo a la liquidación de impuestos
  • Declaración de no residente (modelo 210) y asesoramiento sobre tasas e impuestos de diversos organismos: Ayuntamiento, AEAT (Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria), SUMA (Agencia Regional de Administración Tributaria)
  • Comprobación de licencias de actividad y construcción de terrenos y edificios
  • Redacción de contratos de arras y compraventa privadas

Esta lista no es exhaustiva, y adaptamos las comprobaciones y trámites legales a su propiedad y a su situación personal.

Anticipar a los posibles problemas:
Nuestro trabajo se basa en la adaptabilidad, tanto si la aparición de problemas es imprevisible como previsible.

Así, durante la pandemia de 2020, pudimos tratar muy rápidamente el problema de la aplicación de la cláusula “rebus sic stantibus” a los contratos de arrendamiento en un contexto excepcional.

Del mismo modo, podemos confirmar que los problemas previsibles planteados por un proyecto inmobiliario ya están siendo tomados en consideración por nuestro equipo. Se tratarán con la misma rapidez que los problemas imprevistos.

Desde la formación de contratos de arrendamiento hasta los litigios:
Si tiene previsto alquilar su propiedad, es importante que sepa que, contrariamente a lo que se cree, no es jurídicamente sencillo redactar un contrato de este tipo.

Su redacción requiere conocimientos técnicos, tanto en lo que se refiere al cumplimiento de la ley como a la interpretación judicial. Gracias a una carrera de más de 25 años, cada uno de nuestros abogados tiene experiencia suficiente para hacer frente a interpretaciones erróneas o abusos por parte del juez o de la otra parte.

Los servicios que ofrecemos están diseñados para proporcionar un apoyo integral, de la A a la Z.

Tras la compra de un inmueble, ofrecemos los siguientes servicios:

  • Redacción de contratos de arrendamiento de viviendas o locales comerciales.
  • Asesoramiento sobre contratos de arrendamiento, asesoramiento jurídico y resolución de conflictos entre arrendador y arrendatario a la hora de finalizar el contrato de arrendamiento.
  • Asistencia en reuniones de copropietarios y vecinos.
  • Asesoramiento jurídico en conflictos de lindes (límites de propiedad), servidumbres de paso, electricidad, agua, usufructo, conflictos de comunidad y propiedad, copropiedad, etc


Real rights are the rights that a person has over a thing; they can be total or partial. They can refer to property or tenure. However, they are not limited to the latter two, as they are also required in respect of:

  • Establishment or denial of easement rights.
  • Electricity.
  • Water supply.
  • Usufructs.
  • Co-ownership and its division.


These are just some of the areas where we can offer you our assistance and advice.



In France and all European Union countries, it is common to use horizontal co-ownership regulations. In Spain, however, buildings are subject to vertical co-ownership.

  • Differentiate between proprietary and common elements.
  • Identify the different standards for different buildings, within the limits allowed by law.
  • Continue the fight against abuses by certain co-owners.
  • Establish the functions of the president.
  • Establish the functions of the general meeting.
  • Establish the functions of urban farm managers.

In our firm, we will offer you all our advice in this area, as well as the possibility to act on your behalf in meetings if necessary.

Naturally, we are prepared to advocate for your interests in case of litigation.

Please do not hesitate to contact Félix de la Guía if you have any questions in this regard.