Civil, Commercial, and Criminal


Private International Business Law

The best opportunities for business lie in establishing a presence in other countries.

That's why at Delaguía&Luzón, we assist Spanish entrepreneurs in internationalizing their business, enabling them to expand their activities overseas.

Conversely, we aid foreign entrepreneurs in establishing their business or a branch of their business in Spain.

We offer a wide range of services in Private International Business Law. We closely follow each client's needs on a personalized basis. We anticipate potential issues by leveraging our experience in the process of internationalizing a company. In the context of legal assistance, this process is carried out concurrently with establishing agreements with law firms abroad and establishing a professional presence in strategic countries.

Currently, our legal advisory services focus on France, Colombia, and Algeria, and include:

  • Establishing subsidiaries, branches, and partnerships with local investors.
  • Preliminary advice on the legal framework for investment protection.
  • Public support for productive investment.
  • Information services on contract opportunities with the government and public companies.
Private International Law for Individuals
Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a cross-cutting specialty that confronts businesses and merchants. It can impact labor law, contract law, and private international law. That's why you need a professional with the experience and vision to address all your needs.

Given the complexities that may arise from financial operations associated with mergers or acquisitions, we aim to provide you with the best possible service. We are also at your disposal to assist with any issues related to your commercial contracts.

Our goal is to help you find the form of partnership or company that best suits your business in relation to the industry and your interests. At the same time, we are available to guide you through all tasks related to the modification or fulfillment of your contracts.

We also act as mediators between the various parties to the contract, ensuring the proper defense of your interests and the balance of the contract.

In case of a dispute, our lawyers will continue to assist you and defend your interests in court. Thanks to our correspondent in France, the HANS & ASSOCIÉS law firm, we can also support you in French territory.

For example:

  • Commercial and lease contracts.
  • Commercial disputes.
  • Business valuations.
  • Due diligence for buying and selling.
  • Economic and legal expertise.

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