Are you looking to initiate a process to obtain a residence permit, apply for citizenship, or reunite with family members?

At Delaguía&Luzón, we have gained extensive experience in immigration matters, enabling us to respond effectively to the needs of our foreign clients, their employees, and family members when they wish to settle in Spain.

This experience applies to both European Union citizens and nationals of third countries who wish to establish themselves in Spain.

We can also assist you in completing the necessary procedures to obtain Spanish citizenship by residence, should you decide to adopt the nationality of the country in addition to settling in Spain.

Delaguía&Luzón has a significant advantage when it comes to processing your cases. We are one of the few law firms in Spain that has signed a collaboration agreement between the Bar Association and the Government of Spain for the electronic processing of immigration and citizenship cases.

Thus, through the use of cryptographic signatures, we can initiate the application and renewal processes for residence and work permits in most Spanish provinces without the need for you to visit foreigner's offices for fingerprint registration.

If you are stateless, meaning you do not have citizenship, your situation does not allow you to enjoy even your most basic rights in Spain. We can help you assert them. These most basic rights include the ability to study, receive medical care, open bank accounts, and even get married.

  • NIE (Foreigner Identification Number), TIE (Foreign Resident Identification Card)
  • Residence permits
  • Family reunification
  • Visas (students, digital nomads, golden visas)
  • Citizenship
  • International family law

Here are some of the administrative procedures we most commonly handle:

  • Certificate of EU Citizen Status EX18.
  • Family Member Residence Card EX19.
  • Renewal of Non-Lucrative Residence Permit EX01.
  • Family Reunification EX02.
  • Residence Permit for Exceptional Circumstances (Social Ties) EX10.
  • Residence Permit for Investors under Law 14/2013 on International Mobility.
  • Please feel free to contact Manuel Serra if you have any questions in this regard.

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