Financials and Corporate Restructuring


Within the Audit and Corporate Restructuring department, we provide the services required by legal regulations, often involving audits, as well as legal and financial support for restructuring processes.

Our team includes registered ROAC auditors, as well as certified experts in corporate restructuring in accordance with recent Spanish and European regulations.

The services we offer within the audit area include:

  • Audit Reports (voluntary or mandatory) on accounting and financial matters in compliance with Spanish regulations, signed by ROAC auditors.
  • Audit of Accounts for substantiating grants and R&D projects (over 1000 certifications completed to date).
  • Issuing certification reports verifying the Non-Financial Information State in accordance with European Commission guidelines and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.
  • Valuation of Companies and assets.
  • Issuing economic and accounting expert witness reports for courts (commercial, criminal, or civil).
  • Forensic reviews and audits to detect accounting or commercial fraud or offenses.
  • Services within the Restructuring area encompass

Services within the Restructuring area encompass:

  • Preliminary solvency and viability assessments.
  • Financial diagnostics and ratio analysis.
  • Preparation of viability plans.
  • Negotiations with financial and operational creditors.
  • Legal analysis of possible options in the face of impending insolvency.
  • Entity restructuring plans.
  • Judicial approval of the plans developed.

In cases of insolvency, and in collaboration with our legal department:

  • Preparation and submission of the bankruptcy declaration to the courts.
  • Analysis of selling productive units.
  • Negotiations with FOGASA (Wage Guarantee Fund) and public administrations.
  • Coordination with the legal insolvency administration.
  • Closure and liquidation of the entity.

In all cases, we provide a close, honest, and sincere service where we analyze the best options and potential solutions for each circumstance in an optimal and client-favorable manner.

Our fee structure, in some cases, can be success-based.


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